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Why choose to study online learning with BPCA?

By studying through online learning, you will be able to:

  • Decide what time of day you study, how often, where and for how long
  • Study at a time and pace to suit you
  • Learn the latest up-to-date information
  • Have access to our online portal for up to a year, allowing you to start and stop where you last left off

When you sign up for an online learning course, you will be automatically set up on our Affiliate Scheme, meaning that your online learning account will always be available to you. Your online courses may expire, but you'll always have access to CPD quizzes to help continue your professional development.  

Full online training programmes on the BPCA Training Pathway

You can take any of these full training programmes from the BPCA Training Pathway online through our online learning portal:

Foundation Certificate in Pest Management


The BPCA Foundation Certificate in Pest Management is suitable for new pest control technicians and everyone that supports technicians, even if they don't carry out pest control themselves.

This online learning course provides a valuable insight into what is involved in pest management and control and what a pest control technician does as part of their role.

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Level 2 Award in Pest Management - General Pest Control (GPC)

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The Level 2 Award in Pest Management is the recognised industry standard qualification required to work as a Pest Control Technician in public health pest control. As a pest controller practising in the UK, you need to ensure you are qualified to at least this level.

With the online delivery option, you have up to 12 months to study the General Pest Control (GPC) learning course. There are at least 60 hours of content to work through, and when you're done, you can book and pay for your exam separately.

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Using Rodenticides Safely

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Are you fully trained and certified to use rodenticides safely? If you purchase, use, intend to use or store rodenticide, you will need to hold a current CRRU approved training certificate, such as the BPCA Using Rodenticide Safely programme to purchase or use rodenticides legally.

The content is delivered over a 6-hour online learning programme where you can take the BASIS/BPCA exam online at the end. That means you can book the course, study the learning materials and take your exam in a single day (if you're willing to put the time in). Results can take up to 4 weeks.

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Completing Risk Assessments

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Whether you work in the pest control sector or not, every working environment requires us to be aware of health and safety. If you need to risk-assess your workplace, daily activities, your vehicles or sites you visit, then this is the programme for you.

Doing a risk assessment can be difficult if you haven't done one before. We've put together this online learning course so you can confidently begin to do your risk assessments in no time at all.

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Micro-learning online training courses

Perfect for any pest management professional looking to broaden their continuing professional development activities

Micro-learning courses allow you to study in short bursts, at your own pace. The short courses are perfect for any pest management professional looking to broaden their continuing professional development activities.

Each activity takes about 35 minutes. These short courses are free for anyone on the BPCA Registered Scheme or £10 each, per person for other BPCA members.

Communication and social skills

This short online micro-learning course is designed to help you become more confident and effective in the workplace by working on your communication skills.

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Customer Service Skills

 This short online micro-learning course helps you gain an insight into customer services, including sending emails to handling complaints.

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Data Protection Skills

Most areas of a pest management business require the disclosure of some personal data. Whether you realise it or not, every day you’ll be collecting and analysing data for a variety of purposes.

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Health and Safety Skills

Health and Safety compliance in the workplace is the responsibility of both employers and employees. It is essential for protecting the pest management professionals, the workplace in general and your clients from the risk of accident and injury.

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Literacy Skills

Our Literacy Skills short online micro-learning course has been designed to help you understand how to prepare and write an effective report.

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Management and Leadership Skills

Accelerate your development as a manager with motivational, effective and engaging online training for pest management professionals.

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Personal Development Skills

This short online micro-learning course is designed to help develop potential and improve everyday skills for pest management professionals through interactive online learning.

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Teamwork Skills

Effective teamwork is an essential part of any working environment, particularly when working in a pest management company.

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