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Companies who achieve EN 16636 Certification (CEPA Certified®) status will have been independently assessed by qualified and experienced auditors with an in-depth working knowledge of the industry. Audits will validate practices to a clear professional standard to ensure activities are delivered safely, effectively and within European and national regulations.

In March 2015, the European quality standard for pest management services was released. The standard, EN 16636, developed by The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) specifies the requirements for the provision of the effective and economical reduction of damage caused by pests with an aim to protect public health, property and the environment.

Certificates will be issued and company details uploaded onto the CEPA database of certified providers to show competence and a demonstration of conformity to the requirements of EN 16636.

EN 16636 Certification provides pest management professionals with a unique and independent tool to promote their specialised skills based on service and quality rather than on price and is an invaluable benchmark brand to set yourself within the league of the most professional pest control companies in Europe.

Roland Higgins, CEPA Director General

Who is EN 16636 Certification for?


Businesses trading in Europe in the health, food, environmental and hospitality sectors will be able to demonstrate their awareness and commitment to enhancing the quality of the European Pest Management industry. A business that has achieved EN 16636 certification demonstrates professional credentials within a competitive market, exercising best working practices and employing a competent workforce with an awareness of legislation, statutory and European requirements.

The standard applies to those who have responsibility for delivering pest management services, including the assessment, recommendation and subsequent execution of the defined control and prevention procedures. In essence, if you provide pest control, you should be looking to meet this standard.

EN 16636 auditing and BPCA

We had a strategic goal to have every Servicing company in Membership assessed against the European Standard for pest management services, EN 16636 by July 2017. This was successfully achieved with great results and feedback. Every BPCA member passing their EN 16636 audit has the decision to become certified or not.  

BPCA believes that the audit of its members must be carried out though an independent third party, at low cost and in an accessible format to all servicing companies. We therefore turned to Bureau Veritas whose experience and reputation are universally acknowledged. Members who have been through the audit process have commented on the rigour and usefulness of the audit – it has made them look at their businesses with a critical eye and helped them to improve their processes. EN 16636 Certification gives your business the ability to demonstrate to clients that it meets the international professional standard set down by the sector itself.

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Executive

The benefits of holding EN 16636 Certification

  • As the first common standard for pest management operators, certification to EN 16636 demonstrates the professional credentials of an organisation against a European benchmark for pest management
  • Achieve 3rd Party independent verification
  • Contribute to standardising the public health and food safety industry with verification to an internationally recognised, professional standard 
  • Build supply chain confidence and enhance your competitive benefit with this recognised mark of quality
  • Maintain your certification with regular assessments on an 18-month cycle
  • Grow your business with a recognised brand which is setting the level of industry standards

The process of the audit and certification 


Standard criteria to be assessed by the Certification body to determine audit requirements. The typical duration of an audit shall be one day; certain factors will necessitate an increase in the duration of the audit.

Initial audit

Qualified auditors will assess the Pest Management Company for evidence that confirms compliance with the requirements of the standard. Evidence may be in the form of documented procedures and records and shall be assessed by examining equipment, questioning personnel and observing operations. Non-conformities shall only be raised where there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate conformance to the clause of the standard.

Corrective action and improvement

The Pest Management Operator will have three months to respond to any raised non-conformities and to implement the appropriate corrective actions.

Certification and use of logo

Certificates will be issued and uploaded into the CEPA directory. Certification is valid for three years. Use of the EN16636 Certified (CEPA Certified®) and Bureau Veritas logo will be granted to certified Pest Management Operators.

CEPA directory

Promote your professionalism based on the quality of your organisation and raise awareness amongst your customers as a benchmark in the public health industry.

Surveillance audit 

CEPA Directory: Promote your professionalism based on the quality of your organisation and raise awareness amongst your customers as a benchmark in the public health industry.

Should I get EN 16636 Certification?

Holding the EN 16636 standard benchmarks your business against an international service standard for professional pest management. This is the single biggest thing to hit the Pest Control industry, finally allowing you, as professional pest controllers, the chance to compete on an even playing field.

Any pest control company can become certified, large or small - you just need to be professional and deliver an excellent service!

EN 16636 is the first European standard for pest management and has been a long time in the making. Many well-respected and highly qualified people have been involved in its creation. It has been developed to aid in the professionalism of the pest management sector and to offer protection to clients, public health and the environment.

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager

Nestlé, in line with several other food and drink manufacturers, welcomed the creation and release of EN 16636, recognising the valuable contribution it makes in promoting adherence to standards of professionalism and enhancing Integrated Pest Management principles within the Pest Management Industry.

Dr Ferenc Varga, Microbiological Safety and Hygiene Expert, Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre

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