About the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) - Our Mission and Vision

BPCA is the leading UK trade association, representing organisations with a professional interest in the eradication and management of public health pests. We're a not-for-profit organisation acting in the interests of our members and on behalf of the pest management industry in the UK.


What is BPCA's role?

The provision of pest control services is an area which is often overlooked, however inadequate pest control can often have catastrophic effects economically, socially and on the public's health. BPCA promotes the highest standards of professionalism within the industry, allowing only organisations that prove their competence to join as members.

It's our role to:

  • Highlight the risks of inadequate control
  • Offer guidance in what to look for when searching for a pest control contractor
  • Provide general pest advice and guidance documentation
  • Provide advice on how to select an appropriate pest control professional

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Why use a BPCA member?

BPCA Codes of Best Practice outline the responsibilities and correct practices that members are expected to adhere to. Our Codes are subject to regular review by the BPCA Servicing Committee or are dictated by changes to legislation.

The Codes of Best Practice are publicly available, allowing you to see the standards BPCA members work to.

You can find a BPCA member, or check the pest control company you're using is a member using the search tools on our website.

BPCA's aims

  • Ensure the provision of a legislative environment conducive to the profitable operation of member companies' businesses
  • Represent the interests and opinions of the UK public health pest control industry to Government, other key decision-makers, the general public and associated industries
  • Represent a responsible industry committed to the control of public health pests, minimising risk to the general public, non-target animals and the environment
  • Encourage high standards of professionalism within the industry
  • Explain the role of the industry in today's society and its benefits to the community

BPCA strategy for 2016-18


Our focus is to:

  • Ensure our Members are ready to face the challenges of a regulated industry in whatever form that takes
  • Establish a broad suite of training for our sector, enabling everyone to continuously develop and carry out their work professionally
  • Create and maintain a governance structure capable of delivering the strategy for the benefit of the membership
  • Execute a proactive campaign to raise the profile of BPCA globally, maintaining our position as the leading voice in pest management
  • Engage the whole supply chain, increasing the number of specifiers insisting on BPCA membership
  • Educate key influencers on the value of the pest management sector
  • Enhance financial security for the future by driving growth across a diverse range of sustainable income streams
  • Develop BPCA's membership structure and offer, to attract and retain world-class members.

If you'd like to help move this agenda forward or get involved with BPCA activities, please get in touch to via our contact form here.

Becoming a member of BPCA

BPCA membership is open to organisations involved in any aspect of professional pest control. There are currently several categories of BPCA Membership designed to reflect the needs of the pest control industry in Britain, with the membership benefits and criteria differing for each category.

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