Codes of Practice

Our Codes of Best Practice outline the responsibilities and correct practices that members are expected to adhere to. Our Codes are subject to regular review by the BPCA Servicing Committee or are dictated by changes to legislation.

The Codes of Best Practice are publicly available, allowing you to see the standards BPCA members work to. Find out more about BPCA and why you should use a BPCA member here or check your pest control company is a member here

BPCA Codes of Best Practice are regularly reviewed for accuracy. If you spot something that you believe to be factually incorrect or out of date please report to

COC - BPCA Code of Conduct BPCA September 2013 365 Kb Download
COBP - Pesticide waste BPCA February 2019 54 Kb Download
COBP - Pest control foot personnel BPCA Version 1: 2018 57 Kb Download
COBP - The Use of Air Guns in Pest Control BPCA Version 1: 2018 75 Kb Download
COBP - The Use of Break Back Traps/Snap Traps BPCA Version 1: 2017 37 Kb Download
COBP - Humane Use of Glueboards PMA Revision: 2017 230 Kb Download
COBP - Relating to the Control of Bees PMA Version 4: 2019 117 Kb Download
COBP - Wildlife Management PMA Version 1: 2015 166 Kb Download 
COBP - Survey BPCA Version 1 166 Kb Download
COBP - Rodent Control and Safe Use of Rodenticides  CRRU Version 1: 2015 979 Kb Download
COBP - Precautionary Insecticide Treatments BPCA Version 1: 2014 53 Kb Download
COBP - Leptospirosis BPCA Version 1: 2013  54 Kb Download
COBP - Live Capture BPCA Version 1: 2013 54 Kb Download
COBP - Vehicle Storage BPCA Version 1: 2013 57 Kb Download
COBP - Spring Trapping BPCA Version 1: 2013 54 Kb Download
COBP - Contract/Job Work BPCA Version 1: 2013 72 Kb Download
COBP - Storage of Pesticides BPCA Version 1: 2012 72 Kb Download


File formats

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